Gaius Cicereius


Originally focused around anti raiding Gaius has expanded to counter a wide range of threats ranging from phishing links, userbots, chainmail, malicious URL's and more.


On top of that Gaius offers a lot of features that communities need such as Music, Cat pictures, Command roles and more. We're always looking for the latest threats to and working to develop new defences against them.


We're currently also the only bot that offers automatic image moderation which allows us to keep NSFW images off communities all over the world daily. 


Why settle for a typical multipurpose bot when you can get one that offers so much more and is always working to keep you safe.


Get Gaius today and you wont regret it (hopefully).

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• Serving 400+ Servers
• Constant Updating
• Constant Bug fixing
• Active helpful staff
• Always adapting to threats
• Developed by Buckshot
• Current Version: V3


• Chat purging
• User info
• userID on command
• Panic Mode
• Banlist Embed
• Mute
• Kick
• Ban
• Flagging
• Warns

Utilities & More

• Command Roles
• Custom Commands
• Welcome&Leave Messages
• Botlogging
• Color Roles
• Music Support
• Dice, RPS, Coinflip
• Cat Pics Command
• Dog Pics Command


• Global Word Filters
• Local Text Filtering
• Invite Remover
• URL Remover
• AutoImage Moderation
• Global Banlist Protection
• Anti Mass Mentioning
• Advanced Anti Spam
• Slowmode
• AutoPunish users

Who uses it?

Official game Discords, Fan Servers, Large Hubs, Bot Lists, Anime & Manga Hubs, Wikia's, Event Servers, Clans & Groups, IRL Friend Groups, Private Developer Teams


and more... will yours be one?

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